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Irish people may not, as a rule, drink every day, but we 'save up' and go mental at the weekend or special occasions. are pretty good with words, true but it isn't part of our DNA or anything - you can be Irish and be rubbish with language - you don't have your citizenship revoked.This accounts for the 'paradox' of how some countries can approach our level of consumption without our reputation for excess - they drink as a civilised, adult pleasure, to be enjoyed in moderation; we drink like it was going out of fashion. In summary, I started answering this question fully intending to debunk all these ridiculous and offensive or lazy stereotypes, and I found out while researching the answer that they were mostly true, so I changed my mind and my answer and decided to challenge the premise instead (admittedly this assumes common stereotypes are the ones the questioner had in mind - always a dangerous assumption but one I am willing to volunteer you for).There will be no change in permit membership prices for the Drowes Fishery for the 2013 season.The prices are: A new river webcam has been installed on the river, looking upstream towards the Upper Mill and Crooked Hole.Camarades: the installation of True Tech Web Cam software and has a private mode.The site includes chat rooms, discussion lists, webcam support and news. It does not have a password option but has general and unmonitored sections. Webcam of a potato, apple or equivalent shrinks into somebody famous over two weeks and visitors are encouraged to vote on their identity.By eliminating the need for a server or website, users can simply plug a webcam into their computer and log on to a webcam service which guides them through a half an hour set-up process.There is usually a text chat feature for those who want visual communication with people without webcams. Some offer password protection while others require the use of proprietary software.

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And the highest is Scotland at 13%, and while Scotland is absolutely it's own nation with a proud and unique heritage, the fact is there isn't a lick of difference between the Scots and the Irish; not in culture, ethnicity, etc.

including homicides, excluded from the Irish figure) - the two countries simply do not record crimes in the same way, due to different legislation in each jurisdiction. This is more difficult to answer, and not only because I don't remember (because I was pissed). .we've been fighting for our nationhood for 800 years, although that was hardly our fault.