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The women meticulously plan the robbery but they are surrounded by danger on all sides.A husband capable of murder, a corrupt prison officer, an inmate prepared to betray Liz to get her revenge, an agoraphobic prisoner afraid to go outside, let alone over the fence, and a policeman with a very personal reason to hate both Liz and her husband.

She wants Natalie to get her out of the prison at night so she can rob her husband then get her back into prison before anybody realizes she has gone, thus giving herself the perfect alibi.

Inspired by an Inquiry into a Death in Custody at a Privately Run Women’s Prison in Australia, “The Parthian Shot” is a new novel by the original producer and co-writer of Prisoner Cellblock H, Ian Bradley PRISONER LEGEND, Gerard Maguire (Jim 'Fletch the Letch' Fletcher), will be appearing in the Edinburgh City Centre on Saturday 21st September 2013. Iconic ’80s television show Prisoner challenged its viewers with controversial topics like sexuality, rape and murder.

If you are genuinely interested in meeting this TV icon, then please email your enquiries to: [email protected] or ring 0845 5190 865. So it’s no surprise former stars of the Australian series are coming together once again to look at another confronting issue – HIV among women.

The girls will be on screen nationally, discussing all things PRISONER and the upcoming Fundraiser Event for Audacious Dreaming with stand-in hosts, Amanda Keller and Jonesy!

Mornings With Kerri-Anne: UDT8 | CREDIT: STREAM/WATCH HERE FIONA SPENCE ("Vera Bennett") & AMANDA MUGGLETON ("Chrissie Latham")!The problem is the women aren’t rich; the rewards are small.

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Most parts go easily on and stick decently, but some have slight disfigurements that make them hard to apply. There are no big problems with building and it can be completed in a fairly straight forward manner, but at some points I had to wonder: "Would any kid under 16 have the finger strength to get everything on? I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of it, but on one of the sides the "Police" print was set too far to the left, making it an "olice" helicopter on that side.… continue reading »

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