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13-Dec-2017 07:03

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Having spoken to the host of this event I must now convey our side of the story.The speed dating event attended last week was fully booked with in excess of 40 people expected with an equal gender split.I went with some girlfriends from work and didn't go with a serious attitude because I didn't think it would be successful and was just up for meeting people and having a laugh.I met a lot of interesting people and it was successful in terms of responses after the night.But I had my sights set on a particular guy I met there.We had our first date a few weeks after, started dating and 4 years later we got married!Our host explained this to you however you were not willing to accept his explanation and became you obstructive to the organisation of the event and angry with the host.

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But talking to people face to face and being spontaneous has it's benefits.

At this point, it would have been reasonable for our host to ask you to leave however he did not.

He persevered in his explanation of the situation he and allowed you to fully participate in the event where you met a large number of people and later used our online matching system.

Attending a speed dating event requires all participants (a group of 40 people) to be willing to accept the direction of the host or it simply cannot work.

I'm sorry you felt the need to attempt to damage the reputation of a small business in this way for wholly unjustifiable reasons. I only ended up going on a proper date with one of them. the event was fully booked and I met 20 guys, most of them really nice and a couple of them genuinely hot!I was a bit nervous but after a bit of dutch courage i relaxed and me and my friends ended up having a fun night and shared a couple of bottles of wine together.