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Following that incident Ravenel texted Landon, 'My high opinion once lost is lost forever.' After leaving the courtroom Kathryn tweeted a quotation from Pride and Prejudice as an apparent dig at Ravenel who had quoted another line spoken by Mr Darcy in response to Landon's 'betrayal of him' Elizabeth's response to the quote posted by Kathryn today is: 'And those are the words of a gentleman.

From the first moment I met you, your arrogance and conceit, your selfish disdain for the feelings of others made me realize you were the last man in the world I could be prevailed upon to marry.' Texts submitted as evidence and sent between Ravenel and Kathryn between February and March of this year belie the on-screen image of them as a couple edging towards more harmonious co-parenting.

She also claims that he has been 'attempting to mislead the Court by shaving all of his body hair off prior to taking a drug test.'Her petition to the court demands that Ravenel pay ,000 of her legal fees, a ,000 punitive fine and that he submit to 'a full psychological evaluation' based upon his 'consistent use of opiates in conjunction with multiple instances of violent and erratic behavior.'Two days after Kathyrn's papers were filed Ravenel lashed back, blasting Kathryn with a claim that she has broken the court ruling banning either from speaking out against each other publicly.

The former couple was last due to appear before a Charleston judge on May 1 but settled out of court with Kathryn agreeing that she was in contempt for failing to provide the court with comprehensive medical and psychiatric records Ravenel claims that in interviews with gossip website Realitytea Kathryn accused him of orchestrating a 'smear campaign,' took advantage of his inability to respond publicly to slap down any question that her drug and drink use during pregnancy adversely affected Saint and labeled him the root cause of her drug abuse in the first place.

Reality television's most combustible couple are back in court Wednesday morning in a bid to bring to an end the vicious custody battle that has raged since last May.

Daily exclusively revealed on Tuesday the brutal texts, accusations and counter-accusations that mark the latest developments in Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis's ongoing fight over custody of three-year-old Kensington Calhoun Ravenel and one-year-old Saint Julien Rembert Ravenel.

She goes on to claim that Ravenel told her that if she 'did not leave the reception he would call the police.'Attorneys acting on Kathyrn's behalf have gone onto claim that Ravenel has 'continued to disparage' her on social media and in the media in general and 'continued to send..harassing and disparaging texts and emails.'More shocking are her claims that Ravenel 'has had illegal substances including mushrooms and cocaine at his house while the children were under his care…and is abusing alcohol while taking narcotics while the children are under his care.'Ravenel was infamously indicted for possession of cocaine with intent to supply a decade ago when he was serving South Carolina's State Treasurer.

Friends of Ravenel insist that he is an 'exemplary and devoted father' yet according to Kathryn he is a man with 'violent and abusive tendencies' that he has exhibited to both her and their children.

She had not signed a proposed settlement offered by Ravenel's team and instead presented them with a counter 'five minutes before going into court,' that one adviser dismissed as 'crazy.'Viewers of the Bravo show's season finale may have hoped - or feared - a reunion between the once passionate couple was in the cards as they kissed and seemed to make up in the final episode on Monday.

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