No video after updating pc

02-Aug-2017 18:17

As soon as the mouse is moved away from the bar, FPS lock's again to 30.

Edit 3: Here's a video I uploaded showing the problem: https:// I Edit 4: Look's like we've found the problem of 30FPS Lock.

after installing gpu drivers, i noticed i was not getting aufio When it happened to me it worked through HDMI but not though audio port.

It was not that the sound was not going though but sound could not be played altogether.

Obviously a work-around and not a cure, but better than nothing.

Flushing cookies worked for a while, but the problem came right back after I viewed one more youtube video. NOTE: blocking the youtube cookies allows me to view more than one video, BUT, it won't let me sign on, so I don't have access to any of my own videos or upload anything.

My specs Asus M5A99X Evo 2.0 2x HD7950 FX8350 1 clean windows format C, I even tried Win 7 and Ubuntu! 2 latest Realtek drivers and codecs 3 Realtek is as default speakers 4 HD sound is enable in bios 5 got the latest bios 6 tried all 3.5MM jacks.

no video after updating pc-60

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Left-click on that location and the video will come up in the "Pop-out" box.As soon as I change this option to "Extend these Displays" FPS is unlocked. I have the latest version 3.6.13 I'm on a PC 32 bit home basic vista. I have the latest version 3.6.13 I'm on a PC 32 bit home basic vista.I have an r9 290 and installed the new omegle drivers and now my audio doesnt work.

I have loooked online for help and made sure that the hdmi audio was NOT selected. Also i have made sure my speakers work but plugging them into another computer and I have tried plugging headphones in but that still doesnt work.

Also double check all audio settings in windows, if your HDMI monitor audio capability they can switch defaults on their own.i even did a systeem restore to over a week ago, nothing yet.

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